Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crawling Video

Mainly posting for the grandparents. Can't believe she will be one in less than a month.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Park Fun

It wasn't a pretty spring day, but a fun day at the park with daddy. It was gloomy, felt a few rain drops, but we had to take advantage of Robert's last day of Spring/Easter break. We even got to share the day with some friends from church. My kids love this park because there are no stairs. They can run and play with little assistance. We are always thankful to find parks that are made where all kids can play together.

Baby update ~ We're at thirty weeks now, so only nine more weeks to go until we meet Baby Adam #4. Mom and baby are doing good. Nine weeks seemed like a long time when you were in school and waiting for summer break, but doesn't seem quite so long when a new baby is arriving soon.

Making some music
Our little monkey

He had a little help from dad.
He climbed to the top all by himself!

Our serious face

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Susannah is three!!

Our curly, red headed girl is now three. She has added a certain type of spice to our life that definitively keeps us on our toes and life is never dull. Even though she drives us bonkers, Susannah has a heart of gold, sweet spirit and determination that I pray God blesses her to use in mighty ways for His glory. She had a wonderful birthday party with some special guests from Mississippi. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

9 Months Old & 22 Weeks Along

Miss Ruth turned nine months old on Feb. 14. She has been a blessing to our family and we couldn't imagine life without her. She is fun, easy going and a delight to be around. We found out in October that she will be a big sister in June 2015. It was a big surprise, but an even bigger blessing. We went for an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and baby Adam #4 looked great. 

Jeremiah & Susannah at Christmas parade

Susannah & Jeremiah with their cookie creations

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 Months Ago

Yes, things have gotten busier around our house and even though some days are just r.o.u.g.h.....I wouldn't trade it for anything. I predict the blog will continue being neglected for years. I'll try to update when I can, but I don't want to miss a moment while trying to write about the past.

The girls have taken the lead in the Adam household with the birth of our newest addition, Ruth Elizabeth. She was born on May 14th and even though she was a scheduled c-section she had to keep us on our toes. We were packing our bags the night before, doing last minute cleaning before my parents arrival and I started having contractions. She must have known it was time for her to make her arrival. The contractions never stopped, so we had to go into the hospital a few hours earlier than planned. The delivery went smooth, Ruth is healthy and I recovered very well.

We have another red headed girl, but she is still holding onto those blue eyes. Here are some pictures from her birth....

Daddy, Jeremiah & Ruth

Big Brother & Sister with Ruth & Daddy

Ruth & Daddy with her footprint

Ruth Elizabeth Adam

Friday, May 2, 2014

Countdown is On!!!

     It's that time...T-minus and twelve days our newest little one will be making his/her arrival into our family. As long as baby doesn't change the plans by coming early, we are scheduled for delivery on Wednesday, May 14th. I am a little excited to be done with this pregnancy and looking forward to having another infant in the house. There was nothing bad about it, but it seems like it has lasted more than nine months. Different people have asked what we needed for this baby, here is a link to our registry with some small needs/wants:
     The excitement is building in our home as this baby will break the tie with the number of males and females in our family. The boys are rooting hard for another male, but I am just not sure they are going to win this battle. Either way, we are just blessed to be welcoming another healthy blessing into our family. Please pray for us as the delivery date approaches and we learn to adjust to our newest family member.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monkeys, Butterflies & a Two-year old

     Our little girl turned two this month and she has Jeremiah to thank for all the party planning. He chose a monkey theme for the decorations and a butterfly cake for the dessert. Before having kids, I would have let this mismatched party bother me, but with two kids and another arriving soon....I've learned not to sweat the small stuff. He had a great time picking everything out, decorating while she was napping to surprise her and celebrating his sister's 2nd birthday. The birthday girl loved everything about her party, but I would have to say the cake was her favorite part.
     Susannah is doing very well and received a good report at her two-year-old checkup. She's 27.75 inches tall and weighs 23 pounds. It is amazing the growth that she has made in the last year. This time last year, we had specialists wanting to put in a feeding tube and now our pediatrician jokes those same specialists would want to put her on a diet. We feel so blessed that the Lord showed us the answers to her weight gain issues and we were able to avoid unnecessary procedures. She still wears her bi-pap mask like a champ and it helps her get a good nights rest.
     She started walking a couple months ago and has pretty much mastered the skill. She has two therapists that come to the house for developmental and speech therapy. In developmental therapy, she is working on balancing, kicking a ball, throwing/catching a ball and running. She is mainly behind in gross motor skills and has mastered most of her fine motor skills for her age. In speech therapy, she's still working on building a vocabulary, beginning sounds of words, and producing these words/sounds on command. She has picked up signing words like a pro, but now we're trying to get her to produce sounds/words with the sign. It will just take time to figure out whether she has a true speech/hearing issue or just a stubborn two-year old that refuses to use her words.
     I'll leave you with some pictures from our celebration. Happy birthday, Susannah!!